Copa Cummins 2000

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On July 13th, Wally and I traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to compete in the Copa Cummins - one of the premier events in the North American Hobie Class Association.  Alberto Ponce and his team put on one hell of a show.  It's all about racing and having a good time.  The competition is held in Chicxulub which is approximately 30-40 minutes from Merida and 3-1/2 hours from Cancun.  Chicxulub is known for being the epicenter of the great asteroid strike that historians credit with the demise of the dinosaurs.  In the town center there is a basketball court and in the center court circle is a picture of a dinosaur - these people are in touch with their history.  Anyway, the beach is the northern shore of the Yucatan which puts it in the Gulf of Mexico not the Caribbean like Cancun.  Even so, the water is warm, the wind is strong and steady and the people are fantastic.  This is where the Mexicans go for vacation, not the Americans so there are no tourists, just good Mexican people enjoying the good life at the shore.  Alberto and the rest of Fleet 904 just love to sail and sail they do.  We did an on the water sailing clinic and chalk talk on Friday, sailed 5 races on Satuday, and 4 races on Sunday.  Their format allows for two throwouts if you race 9 or more races.  We were the favorites.  There is a pure silver perpetual cup that goes with this regatta and the rules say - win the regatta 3 times and the cup is yours.  Well, Armando Noriega Jr. from Mexico City had won the cup 2 times and Alberto was determined not to see the cup leave Chicxulub.  Alberto bought a brand new boat and was gracious enough to give it to us to use for the weekend.  We kept up our part of the deal with 7 firsts, a second and a Did Not Finish.  It was a time to remember.

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The_Fleet_on_the_Beach.jpg (26111 bytes)                    The_Beach.jpg (19615 bytes)                  The_Band_Stand.jpg (23683 bytes)        

Fleet on the beach                       The beach                              The Band Stand

View_from_the_Front.jpg (17507 bytes)                     Fourth_Place_ArmandoJR.jpg (27958 bytes)                    Third_Place_Pamela.jpg (28921 bytes)

A view from the front              4th - Armando Noriega Jr         3rd - Pamela Noriega

Second_Place_Pedrin.jpg (25082 bytes)                     First_Place_Champagne_Shower.jpg (25077 bytes)                    Wally _Drinks.jpg (23811 bytes)

2nd - Pedrin Colon                   The Champagne Shower               Wally Drinks

Mark_Drinks.jpg (23190 bytes)                      The_New_Champions.jpg (21067 bytes)                    Old_Town_Merida.jpg (21967 bytes)

Mark Drinks                             The 2000 Champions                Old Town Merida

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The morning sports page

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