Kauai - Hawaii 2000

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Here are some of the sights we enjoyed during our visit to Kauai in September 2000


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The Pool                A Palm Sky

01MarriottPool.jpg (53452 bytes)        04PalmsInBlue.jpg (58386 bytes)

Our Trip to the Waimea Canyon - the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.

We hiked 3 miles into the canyon.

Pictures of the Canyon during the hike itself.

The falls is Waipo'o Falls, although very dry this year it was also beautiful

52WiameaCanyon.jpg (22444 bytes)        53WiameaCanyon.jpg (27617 bytes)        60WiameaCanyon.jpg (19494 bytes)        58HikeTheTree.jpg (25492 bytes)

56Hike2WaipooFalls.jpg (39992 bytes)        57Hike2WaipooFalls.jpg (34880 bytes)         59WaipooFalls.jpg (39436 bytes)

Kalalau Lookout - overlooking the Na Pali Coast

54KalalauLookout.jpg (18735 bytes)        55Kris_KalalauLookout.jpg (21624 bytes)

Po'ipu Beach - the picture on the right notice the break of waves

from the left and the right - I've never seen that before.

50KrisPoipu.jpg (27082 bytes)        51PoipuWavesRtnLt.jpg (24206 bytes)

This is Wailua Falls - this falls was made famous for it's use in

the opening of the show Fantasy Island - "Da plane, Da plane."

05WailuaFalls.jpg (56319 bytes)        06KrisWailuaFalls.jpg (54193 bytes)

Kilauea Lighthouse & views from the point.

 09KilaueaLiteHseView.jpg (56573 bytes)       14KilaueaLightHouse.jpg (32730 bytes)        11KilaueaLiteHseView.jpg (55941 bytes)        17KilaueaLiteHseIsland.jpg (55087 bytes)

Ha'ena Beach and wet cave.

66HaenaBeach.jpg (19737 bytes)        67UsAtHaenaBeach.jpg (20007 bytes)        25HaenaWetCave.jpg (57134 bytes)        28HaenaWetCaveKristin.jpg (46978 bytes)

The Beach House Restaurant at Sunset.

31BeachHouseSunset.jpg (47104 bytes)        32BeachHouseSunset.jpg (52535 bytes)        33BeachHouseSunset.jpg (50702 bytes)        34BeachHouseSunset.jpg (57034 bytes)

SCUBA diving in Po'ipu - the "Fast Lanes" and the "Coral Gardens", can you

see the turtle?

61ScubaTurtle.jpg (19228 bytes)        62ScubaParrotFish.jpg (28689 bytes)       63ScubaKristin.jpg (8271 bytes)         64ScubaMark.jpg (11264 bytes)


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