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Some Archives from 2001

This is a corn plant.  This plant is a descendent from a plant my Mom's Mother had

and in all the years of growing these things I have been the only one to get one to

flower.  Not just once but this is the second time.  The last time was in 1992 when

I was in Tahoe and met Kristin. 

Hey, maybe it's not me; maybe it's Kristin!

CornPlant2000.jpg (32705 bytes)    CornPlantFlower2000.jpg (36987 bytes)   

    The corn plant                    The flower

This is a bronze turtle sculpture we brought back from Hawaii.  We found them in

Poi Pu, which is also where we saw the turtles during our SCUBA dive.  We named

them Poi and Pu.

Home2000_Poi_Pu.jpg (34737 bytes)

Not a real impressive snowfall but it was the first of the year.  We were to come

home from our New Years Orr family reunion in Colorado to over a foot of the

white powder.

Home2000_FirstSnow_1.jpg (22014 bytes)    Home2000_FirstSnow_2.jpg (24996 bytes)

Kristin has always wanted a bubble machine, you know, the thing that blows bubbles

like on the Lawrence Welk show.  Santa brought her one this Christmas.

Home2000_Christmas_01.jpg (32326 bytes)    Home2000_Christmas_02.jpg (24652 bytes)    Home2000_Christmas_03.jpg (32610 bytes)    Home2000_Christmas_07.jpg (37924 bytes)

Home2000_Christmas_04.jpg (38352 bytes)    Home2000_Christmas_05.jpg (42077 bytes)    Home2000_Christmas_06.jpg (42980 bytes)

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