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Getting started, laying out the size and excavation.

The removal of 12.5 yards of dirt begins.

patio - sizing.jpg (11592 bytes)        patio excavation.jpg (19935 bytes)

Dad and I buggy lug 7 tons of gravel, 6 cu. ft. at a time.

patio gravel.jpg (28338 bytes)        patio gravel1.jpg (31074 bytes)

Time to install the curb borders.

patio curb1.jpg (89017 bytes)        patio curb2.jpg (63365 bytes)


Kristin getting a head start sitting on a patio of packed gravel

Kris_on_Patio_stones.jpg (334946 bytes)       

Laying the sand and pavers, 4 tons of sand, 6 1/2 tons of 

pavers.  The sand; 6 cu. ft. at a time. The pavers; 28 lbs

at a time.

patio pavers&mark.jpg (58404 bytes)        patio pavers6.jpg (66409 bytes)        patio pavers10.jpg (73616 bytes)

The completed patio - 85 hours and approximately 25 tons

and much back pain later.

patio compete1.jpg (48447 bytes)        patio complete.jpg (63301 bytes)        patio complete upclose.jpg (43858 bytes)

Our first dinner  & breakfast on the patio - with the Begrows

patio - begrows.jpg (55771 bytes)        patio - begrows1.jpg (84093 bytes)        patio - begrows3.jpg (81508 bytes)

Using left over materials we add a small patio to the front of

the house

frontpatio1.jpg (70313 bytes)        frontpatio2.jpg (44034 bytes)        frontpatio3.jpg (49537 bytes)


Stay tuned...... more to come


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