Colorado Springs Reunion 2002

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I got to got on my 2nd airplane trip last July to Colorado Springs for an Orr family reunion.  Grammie Carol brought her motor home and we all got to stay in these tiny cabins.  It was good to see all my cousins again.


Hanging out in Grammie Carol's motor home with Grayson and Ethan.






Our campground was just outside the Garden of the Gods State Park and at the foot of Pikes Peak.  That is the peak in the distance.


My Dad and Uncle John were going to hike overnight to Pikes peak but Dad got hurt roller blading with Mom in the Garden of the Gods park.  They only hiked halfway which was still about 12-14 miles there and back.

If you look real close you will see a cut in the trees on the right side pointing right at the peak.  That is an old incline train track and the trail traverses that mountain face. You can find more pictures of their hike on the Hike to Pike page.


Here is cousin Noah being brave climbing the Giraffe in the playground.







Here I am working with the boys getting some ice for our drinks.



Ethan and I are just waiting on someone to take us for a ride in his wagon.







Cousin "Micah the Mechanic" in one of his favorite hiding places.




Grammie Carol and all her grand kids.







Taking a bath in Grammie Carol's motor home with Noah and Grayson.




I went with Mom, Dad, Uncle John and cousin Hannah to visit some ancient native Indian cave dwellings.   They were really neat as was this nifty back pack thing Uncle John gave us to carry me around in.












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