Madelyn - Christmas 2002

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Here I am visiting with Santa.








We had a neighborhood "Secret Santa" party  and here I am with some of my friends.









Here I am with Mom in our Christmas outfits.  Don't we look beautiful!  






Here I am just lounging around.








Quiet please!  This is a complicated piece and I need to concentrate!




 It's munchy time.  I love to munch!




Opening presents on Christmas Eve at Aunt Melissa and Uncle Ron's house.








This is a farm house with animals and all.  I love it.  It is my favorite.




Here is cousin Gino helping my set up my farm.








Isn't this a really nice picture of me with my Mom & Dad.  That's Aunt Melissa's Christmas tree behind us.




Here is Nana & Grandpa.  I love little dogs.  Maybe I can have one when I get a little bigger.








This is a good picture of me with Aunt Melissa and Christopher.





Mom and Dad got me a bean bag chair.  Here I am opening a present from my Dad's Aunt Rosie.  She lives in Indiana in the winter and Florida in the summer.  I visited her in Florida last March.  I have never been to Indiana.






I really love my farm house.  You can see some of the animals.  I have a sheep, a cow, a horse, a pig, a chicken and, of course, there is Old MacDonald.




Here I am lounging in my bean bag with my new toys.






Mom is reading me one of my new books.  I really love to read!






I love to pose with my Dad.  That is a new sweater and hat I got this year.





Come to think of it, I love to pose with my Mom too!







This is a baby carriage my Dad's Aunt Marie gave to me.  It's really neat isn't it.



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