Madelyn - Oct 2002

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We got to go back to Florida this year!  My Dad was the PRO (they told me that stands for Principal Race Officer) in a really big sailboat race in Ft. Walton Beach.  My Grammie Carol got to come to help keep me company.

These are pictures of my Grammie Carol and Aunt Joy on our little Barnegat Beach before we left for Florida.










This sand is so white and soft!








I got to play with my friend Matthew.  He is my Mom & Dad's friends' Rich and Annette's son.








Most of my day was spent playing in the sand.  I got a new bucket and shovel to play with.













My Grammie Carol taught me how to drink from a straw!





Isn't this a pretty picture of me and my Mom with the sailboats behind us?








We visit my Mom's friend Berri often.  She is a really nice lady.  She was the first baby doctor in this area where we live.  She is from Holland and has a really, really nice garden.









She lets me help her in the garden picking flowers!





These are a wildflower called Cosmos.  They smell really nice.













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