My First Birthday

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Mom made me a "Dirt" cake for my 1st birthday.  It had worms and grubs and all kinds of stuff in it!






I had a lot of friends come to my party. This is picture of my friends and their Moms. 



We had fun.  Dad put Mom's bubble machine on outside so we could chase the bubbles.  It's really hard to see the bubbles but they were there.





After the bubbles we all got to eat my cake.  It was yummy!





 I got to feed Dad!





And then I got to feed Mom! 






This is my new baby and stroller.  Isn't she beautiful?




I was lucky because I got to have 2 birthday parties.  The first one was with some friends.  This one was with my cousins Ron, Gino and Christopher.  We got to open my presents together.





  We got to play with them too!





My Grandpa even got to read one of my new books with me!  



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