Ruidoso Hike

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John Orr and I took a hike into the White Mountain Wilderness, Lincoln National Forest in the southern Rockies.  We went overnight carrying full backpacks (starting weight of a bit over 30 lbs.).  The trails were very well marked.  We saw a couple of herds of elk.  We heard an eagle or some sort of bird of prey screech.  We found horny toads.  I had never seen a horny toad although Kristin tells me they were very abundant when she was growing up in Roswell.  The overlooks and vistas were breathtaking.  We even nearly suffocated in our little pup tent.  Ask either myself or John about it.  

The hike itself was about 22 miles in length.  We started at about 11 am on the first day and ended about 5 pm the second day.  It was quite an adventure.  The trail started at about 9,000 feet above sea level and we hiked to about 11,000 and then back down to about 6,000.  We hope to do it again this year but on different trails.


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TRAIL HEAD.JPG (74252 bytes)        HORNEY TOAD 1.JPG (109168 bytes)        JOHN AT REST.JPG (118593 bytes)

    The trail head                Our first horny toad                 John at rest

JOHN ON THE TRAIL.JPG (145203 bytes)            MARK AMONGST THE ASPEN.JPG (132684 bytes)        WILDFLOWERS1.JPG (100752 bytes)

John on the trail       Mark amongst the aspen        Wildflowers

JOHN UNDER STORM.JPG (68900 bytes)            MARK UNDER STORM.JPG (62235 bytes)            LUNCH.JPG (136856 bytes)

            A storm is approaching                                 Lunch time

WILDFLOWERS2.JPG (113580 bytes)        SKI APACHE.JPG (97347 bytes)        WATER PURIFICATION.JPG (165062 bytes)

      Wildflowers                Ski Apache Runs             Purifying water

THE TENT.JPG (111126 bytes)        WILDFLOWERS3.JPG (68951 bytes)        TREE.JPG (51783 bytes)

         The Tent                         Wildflowers                    Interesting Tree

                                     HORNEY TOAD 2.jpg (62285 bytes)

                                  A very colorful Horny Toad


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